Bakersfield Pest of the Month: Earwigs

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Bakersfield Pest of the Month: Earwigs

Bakersfield Pest of the Month: Earwigs

  According to Mercury News, California has had a record amount of rain this year, and with it has come a record amount of moisture loving bugs. If you’re like the rest of us, these creepy crawlers have become a big nuisance. Seeing them around your garden or even inside your home can be unnerving. We have compiled a few interesting facts about earwigs along with some preventative tips.

What is an earwig?
Earwigs, nicknamed “pincher bugs” for their pincer-like appendages are a type of insect that belong to the order Dermaptera. The are approximately 5/8” in length and depending on the species can come in a range of colors of brown/reddish brown and can have wings. There are thousands of species of earwigs found around the world. However, in California, there have been as many as twenty-one recorded species with most not being native to California.

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Earwig Behavior

*Can thrive in moist, dark areas such as wet flowerbeds or under patio furniture.

*Earwigs are nocturnal and can be attracted to lights.
* Many species are fully capable of flight and can fly short distances.
*Depending on the species, they feed on decayed plant matter or are predaceous (meaning they feed on other small insects).
* Females care for and protect their eggs after laying them.
*The sex of the earwig can be identified depending on the size and shape of the pincers.

Are they harmful to humans?
Yes and no. Earwigs are capable of using their pincers (as opposed to biting) to defend themselves from any perceived threat, including humans but are not poisonous.


Prevention tips
The best and most successful way to get rid of your earwig infestations is to seek the help of a professional. There are some preventative measures however, that homeowners can take today to keep these pests from taking over your home and yard.
*Clear attractive hiding/breeding spots by removing moist debris from around the perimeter of your home such as wood chips, logs, or leaky faucets.

*Another great place for them to hide is clogged gutters, so regular maintenance is a must.
*Check for open entry points along baseboards, window sills, or doorways where they can easily access. Remember, their flat shaped bodies can easily fit through small cracks/crevices. Weather stripping should be applied in doorways and open holes sealed up.
* In our experience, during peak earwig season, keep indoor furniture (such as beds or couches) a few inches from the walls to prevent them from climbing or hiding.

*Keep outdoor lighting at a minimum (as safety allows) to keep them at bay.

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Although annoying and unsightly, earwigs and other pests are manageable with proper pest prevention. Check out our main page here PestX Bakersfield Home to see what specials we have on residential and commercial pest control services. Not only can we handle earwigs but also any other pest that might be bugging you! Don’t hesitate to call and get a free quote today or check out our Facebook page for more helpful tips.

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