How to Get Rid of Water Bug Roaches: The TOP THREE SECRETS

How to Get Rid of Water Bug Roaches: The TOP THREE SECRETS

water bug bbqIt’s that time of year! School is ending. Pools are opening. BBQ’s and outdoor parties are beginning. Along with all that fun though, we know what it’s like to get that unwelcome guest.

Oriental Cockroaches, often know as water bugs, increase in visibility during these summer months. Although the roach commonly seen in this area is called a water bug, it’s not a true waterbug – as those live in the water. Rather, the Oriental Cockroach earned the nickname “water bug” because of its behavior.  These roaches are drawn to water. Why does this matter?

Knowing WHY they come, let’s you know WHERE  and HOW they come, AND how to KEEP them from coming! Say goodbye to water roaches in Bakersfield!

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During cooler or wetter seasons, roaches can access enough moisture in hidden areas, to stay out of the way. And not only do roaches prefer warmer weather, but during hotter, dryer months, roaches have to search and explore to find the moisture they survive in. And – here’s the catch! – since human homes always have some kind of moisture in and around them, come summer, those roaches know right where to go. Suddenly they begin to invade the human territory that they previously let alone.

How can you actually use this information? Let me tell you.

We’re going to let you in on the
so you’ll know HOW TO 

Secret #1: Water bugs love plumbing

water bug roach BakersfieldBecause plumbing carries moisture, roaches are drawn to plumbing. They can spot the tiniest leak long before you can. They can also slip through surprisingly small cracks where the outdoor sewer and plumbing connects to your home. We can’t emphasize this enough! Take time to examine your sewer connections to ensure no cracks exist, and promptly and thoroughly seal up any cracks that do. Also, check your entire plumbing for leaks. Even minuscule leaks at plumbing joints can be a siren call to roaches.

Secret #2: Water bugs love parties, especially pool parties

Look, roaches are party-crashers, especially if it’s an outdoor party. And not thoroughly picking up after an outdoor party is the perfect invitation for roaches. Drinks, especially ones that have spilled, or cups/containers that have been left outside, are the perfect treat for roaches. Spilled food or trash left behind will also attract pests.
water bug BakersfieldThat’s not all… garbage cans that are not closed securely and are stored near or against the home can also bring roaches too close for comfort. Additionally, wet towels, swimsuits, or pool toys left outside will draw roaches. It’s best to store such things in a way that they can dry as promptly as possible and therefore not create an welcoming environment to roaches. To be on the safe side, shake out any towels, suits, or pool toys before using them or taking them inside.

Secret #3: Water bugs love the front door

Possibly the simplest fix to keep roaches out is to replace the weather stripping on your exterior doors. Bottom line, if there’s room for them to crawl right under the front door (and they require surprisingly little room), you better believe that they’ll invite themselves in. If you notice that your weather stripping needs to be repaired, be sure to check the rooms in your house that tend to collect moisture: the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Keep those three areas tidy and airtight, and chances are roaches won’t feel at home and won’t bother coming around!

If you’ve tried these DIY roach extermination tips and are still struggling to keep water bugs out, call our experienced pest control technicians today! We can help you spot-check your home and property, using our immense bank of experience to show you where roaches may be entering, AND help you fix those trouble-spots.

OR if you already have an infestation of roaches inside that you need to eradicate, be sure you Roach Bakersfieldgive us a call! Sealing up entryways won’t solve the problem if roaches are already inside. To ensure your preventive measures are effective, let us get the water bug infestation under control first.

Even better, we guarantee our regular services! We provide free call-backs if the problem isn’t resolved the first time. Don’t wait! Roach problems only get worse if not dealt with thoroughly. Make your home water bug-free today!

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