Affordable Pest Control Bakersfield

PESTX Termite and Pest Control in Bakersfield is a locally owned and operated pest control company. We offer expert services in commercial and residential pest control services, as well as termite inspections, fumigation services, and local treatments in the Kern County area. Check out our reviews now!

The #1 pest control company in Bakersfield CA. Whether you are dealing with Termites, Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Bed bugs, Fleas or Ticks, as the leading pest exterminator in the area we are here to help and will do our best to rid your home or business of unwanted pests in a timely fashion at a reasonable price!

The owner and technicians have decades of experience in the pest control industry, and strive to use only the newest, safest and most effective products, as well as offer affordable solutions for your pest problems. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service at an exceptional value, each and every time.

At PESTX we go the extra mile to give you the best pest control Bakersfield has available, and we want to show you why we are the pest control experts! We also offer Termite inspections for real estate agents.

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#1 Bakersfield Pest Control, Termite Extermination Services & Pest Control Bakersfield, PESTX

Residential Pest Control

PESTX Bakersfield is a termite and pest control company with the best residential pest control service at affordable prices.

Commercial Pest Control

We provide IPM pest management that allows us to minimize impact from pesticides, but gain control of existing pest infestations effectively.        

Termite Extermination

Our full service termite control in Bakersfield provides traditional and alternative treatments for drywood and subterranean termites and more.

PEST X is the leader in pest control Bakersfield!

Bakersfield Pest Control, Termite Extermination & Pest Control Services, PestX

PESTX is a leading Termite and pest control company, we also offer affordable Termite inspection services.


Roach Control

Unique roach extermination technique
  • Identifying & Eliminating The Source
  • Lasting Roach Prevention Techniques
  • Interior & Exterior Treatments
  • Spotting Other Potential Pest Problems
  • Follow Up Services

    Need to Exterminate Roaches?

Bed Bug Control

  1. Identify subtle signs of bed bug infestations
  2. Target the hiding spots that bed bugs are known for
  3. Kill bed bugs in all stages of life
  4. Localized bed bug treatment
  5. Fumigation for extensive infestations
  6. Treatment guaranteed for 30 days
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Ant Control

  1.  Identify the type of ant infestation
  2. Target treatment to that species of ant
  3. Specialized baiting system
  4. Focus on source of infestations to prevent return
  5. Ongoing service to keep away persistent ants
  6. Preventative measures to protect your home
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Bee Control

Bee Control

Bee infestations within populated areas pose serious public safety threats by harassing and injuring both people and animals—as well as causing property damage. PESTX Bakersfield Termite & Pest Control can identify when bee activity…

Termite Control

Whether it is the one time delivery you need done requirements.
  1. Localized Treatments
  2. Subterranean Termite Treatments
  3. Sub-Slab Injection
  4. Structural Wood Repair
  5. Fumigation
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Call us at (661) 399-9214 or use the form below to get a no-obligation quote for professional pest control and get your pest problem taken care of quickly! We are the leading pest control company in Bakersfield, 25 years of quality and reasonably priced pest control services serving the Bakersfield area. Property Managers Click Here. If you are looking for an expert pest control company call PESTX today for affordable pest control service.

Some Pests To Watch Out For

Here’s a few pests to be on the lookout for, they can wreak havoc on your home and cause damage to your property and to the health of your family! #1 The dreaded bedbug, #2 The pesky ant, #3 The Busy Bee #4 The terrible termite, #5 The Lovely Ladybug, #6 The Spooky Spider, and […]

Termite Colony

Attention homeowners, Termites will reproduce at an alarming rate if they are not properly dealt with and exterminated! Why not have PESTX come out today and inspect your investment for these costly critters!

Commercial Pest Control

Why not have your business treated with our amazing Bakersfield pest control services over the holidays and start your business off on the right foot creating a safe environment for customers, yourself and your employees for 2019.    

Quality Bakersfield Pest Control Services

PESTX is the leader in affordable quality pest control Bakersfield, not only are we precise at getting rid of pests on the first go around, we also excel at making sure they don’t come back! Contact us today to find out more about our surprisingly affordable Bakersfield pest control services!

Christmas Present

Why not consider buying a friend or loved one pest control services for a year, or even a Termite Inspection? You could be providing them tremendous health benefits and save them thousands of $’s on their home! This is the perfect gift for a single Mom that would delegate the funds for something else. PESTX […]

Signs That Termites Are In Your House

How can you know if Termites are in your home? Look for hollow wood, Termites will eat your house from the inside out, look for wood shavings, if you see Termite wings you have been invaded and it’s time to call PestX   For more on how do detect Termites read this…

Timely & Affordable Bakersfield Pest Control Services

At Pest X we pride ourselves in not only expert Bakersfield pest control services but ridding your premises of unwanted guests fast and making sure they don’t come back! There is nothing worse than paying a pest control company for services only to see the unwanted pests return once the dust has settled. Call us […]

# 1 Pest Control Bakersfield

PEST X is the leading Bakersfield pest control company offering expert Bakersfield Termite inspections and free estimates. If you need help getting rid of unwanted guests that are taking over your home call Pest X today, over 25 years of experience dealing with pest control problems in Bakersfield & Kern County.

Did You Know…

Bedbugs 🐛🐛🐛 can be a major source of irritation! Did you know that one pregnant female bedbug can multiply to 300 adults and 1000 new eggs in just three months? They can also post potential health risks for you and your family and if they aren’t located and exterminated it can turn into a very […]

Are Ants Spoiling Your Picnic?

There’s nothing worse then coming home to a colony of ants using your pantry has their own personal smorgasbord. 😦 🐜🐜🐜🐜   We have been helping local folks for over 25 years with their pest control needs! We do our best in getting rid of these critters and making sure they don’t come back! If […]

Termite Inspection Time

Now is a great time to have your home inspected for Termites and protect your investment, Termites are less active in the cold season so it’s the perfect time to rid these annoying pests from your residence or real estate property your selling! Call Pest X today.

Bed Bugs Do Bite

Have you heard the saying, “Sleep tight & don’t let the bed bugs bite”, well its true they do bite. Most bed bug bites are painless at first but later turn into big itchy welts. Pest X specializes in bed bug pest control Bakersfield and can rid your home of these pesky critters. Bed Bugs […]


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Pest Control Companies Bakersfield, Exterminator & Bakersfield Pest Control
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PESTX is the leading Bakersfield pest control company, 25 years of experience helping Kern County residents with quality and affordable pest control services, we are the Pest experts!

Pest control Bakersfield, Bakersfield pest control
#1 Bakersfield Pest Control, Termite Extermination Services & Pest Control Bakersfield, PESTX