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PestX Bakersfield Termite and Pest Control is a locally owned and operated pest control company. We offer expert services in commercial and residential pest control, as well as termite inspections, fumigation and local treatments in the Bakersfield and the Kern County area. Whether you are dealing with termites, roaches, ants, spiders, bed bugs, fleas & ticks, or any other pests, we are here to help!

The owner and technicians have decades of experience in the pest control industry, and strive to use only the newest, safest and most effective products, as well as offer affordable solutions for your pest problems. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service at an exceptional value, each and every time. At PestX, we go the extra mile to give you the best pest control Bakersfield offers, and we want to show you why we are the pest control experts!


Residential Pest Control

PestX Bakersfield is a termite and pest control company with the best residential pest control service at affordable prices.

Commercial Pest Control

We provide IPM pest management that allows us to minimize impact from pesticides, but gain control of existing pest infestations effectively.        

Termite Extermination

Our full service termite control in Bakersfield provides traditional and alternative treatments for drywood and subterranean termites and more.
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Roach Control

Unique roach extermination technique
  • Identifying & Eliminating The Source
  • Lasting Roach Prevention Techniques
  • Interior & Exterior Treatments
  • Spotting Other Potential Pest Problems
  • Follow Up Services

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Bed Bug Control

  1. Identify subtle signs of bed bug infestations
  2. Target the hiding spots that bed bugs are known for
  3. Kill bed bugs in all stages of life
  4. Localized bed bug treatment
  5. Fumigation for extensive infestations
  6. Treatment guaranteed for 30 days
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Ant Control

  1.  Identify the type of ant infestation
  2. Target treatment to that species of ant
  3. Specialized baiting system
  4. Focus on source of infestations to prevent return
  5. Ongoing service to keep away persistent ants
  6. Preventative measures to protect your home
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Spider Control

  1. Ongoing service to keep spiders away
  2. De-web first story eaves
  3. Kill spiders on contact
  4. Interior and exterior treatment
  5. Remove other insects so spiders have no food source
  6. Identify venomous spiders
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Termite Control

Whether it is the one time delivery you need done requirements.
  1. Localized Treatments
  2. Subterranean Termite Treatments
  3. Sub-Slab Injection
  4. Structural Wood Repair
  5. Fumigation
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