How to Control and Exterminate Bees in Bakersfield

How frequently can bees infest an area?

If you live in Southern California, you can expect that your home or other structure will get a bee hive about once every 15 years. You may get bees more or less often and you may never have a problem with bees. These common pests can cause serious property damage and pose a threat to public safety by stinging or harassing people and animals. They should not be taken lightly.

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How can I determine if bees are scouting ​or already infesting an area?

However, just because you have bees buzzing around your home or other structure does not necessarily mean you have an active bee hive. You may be looking at scout bees, which are sent from a swarm to look for a new home for a hive. To the untrained eye, scout bees can look just like bees from an active hive. Bee experts, however, can notice subtle differences in how the bees are behaving to tell whether the bees are scouting or if they are part of an active bee hive inside the structure.

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How soon after scouting can bees infest an area?

If you do not take quick action to discourage the scouts from returning with tens of thousands of their fellow bees, there is a 50-50 chance that your home will be invaded soon by a swarm of aggressive bees, which can cause substantial damage to your property and pose a public safety risk. Scout bees typically scout out an area for about three days before moving the larger swarm in permanently. If you have had bees buzzing around the area for five days or longer, it is safe to assume that you are seeing bees from an active and growing hive, not just scout bees.

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