Specialized Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bug infestations in Bakersfield are on the rise and can affect anyone. Bed bugs are infamously sneaky, love to hide, can travel on many types of material, and can be hard to detect because they are active mainly at night.
How Our Service Effectively Exterminates Bed Bugs
PestX Bakersfield Termite and Pest Contol provides thorough bed bug inspections. Our technicians are trained to spot even the subtlest signs of bed bugs. Multiple treatment options are available that target all of bed bugs’ favorite hiding spots and kill them in all phases of their life cycle, exterminating bed bugs fully.
Call PestX Bakersfield today to learn about our specialized bed bug treatments. We do localized treatments to focus only on the affected areas. We also provide fumigation to ensure full eradication of extensive infestations.

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