What are the Risks Associate with Ticks

Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that can cause many health problems in humans, including Lyme disease. They also bite pets. When a tick bites, it buries its head within its host, spreading whatever disease it often carries, and making it imperative to remove the tick properly to prevent further complications.

Do It Yourself Tick Prevention Tips

Ticks are very small and can easily go unnoticed even when attached to the skin. They most often bite when humans or animals are walking or hiking through long grass or other underbrush. Therefore, it is important to keep your ankles and legs covered during outdoor activities that may expose you to ticks. After being outdoors, you should always to check over your skin and clothing, as well as check over your pets, where ticks may be hidden within fur.

How to Remove Ticks

Ticks should be removed as soon as they are noticed, and carefully with tweezers, to ensure the head doesn’t remain buried in the skin. It’s wise to save the tick and seal it in a sturdy container that you store in your freezer so if you or your pet develop disease symptoms, you can have the tick analyzed to help assist with the diagnosis and treatment.

How Our Service Effectively Exterminates Ticks

Since ticks pose such a health risk, it is imperative to deal with any tick infestations that may be in or around your property. PestX Bakersfield Termite & Pest Control targets the source of ticks and utilizes the best proven methods to control ticks in your yard and home, providing security to your home and family.

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people looking at wood tick embedded in human skin