There’s No Hidden Costs (or Bugs!) with PestX…

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There’s No Hidden Costs (or Bugs!) with PestX

Most homes may seem similar on face value, but our team at PestX knows that any Bakersfield Pest Control measures will need a solution which is tailored to your own particular home.

We often get asked how much a PestX Pest Control Treatment would cost but it isn’t a simple ‘one size fits all’ price.  If it was, then ALL treatments would be pretty expensive. PestX Pest Control services are always based upon your own needs and we pride ourselves on offering a reliable and effective service at a fair and reasonable price.  

You will only ever pay for what you actually need.

But to do this you need expertise.  If something is done VERY well the first time, it minimises costs, so cutting corners to save a buck or two is rarely the answer with bugs and pests and we’ll happily tell you so.  We’ve seen too many homes or premises destroyed by poorly managed pest control measures.

We always need to take into account so many factors that most homeowners wouldn’t usually even think about, but our years of experience and expertise mean we can assess everything quickly to offer a tailor made solution to rid you of your pests.  Simple observations such as the humidity of your house, the amount of wood in your home or hot spots which would be irresistible to pests are all noted. We’ll look at existing damage done and how prolific the bug problem actually is, as well as various other factors which will impact on the cost and scale of your pest control solution.

When you think that homeowners spend an average of around $3,000 to repair termite damage within their homes it gives you some insight on how valuable early detection and remedial action are.  So it also goes without saying that it needs doing properly.

One of the most important factors you need from your pest control experts is trust though – after all – you’re putting the sanctity of your own home into our hands.  You need to know that when PestX suggests a solution or course of action, that it is a fit for you and your needs and not for our revenues! It would be so easy for us to add extra unnecessary services to your costs to bolster our bill, but our primary goal is to achieve the ultimate satisfaction of our VALUED customers.  That really couldn’t happen if our own motives were more important than making sure you are 100% satisfied with your pest control service.

The flip side to this moral dilemma however, is that sometimes the best solution for your needs doesn’t only mean dealing with the corrective action to remove the current pest problem such as termites bed bugs spiders or Cockroaches.  If we can see from experience that your home would be vulnerable to further infestations, we may need to suggest precautionary measures too. Our job is to provide Pest CONTROL solutions so it’s important to us that we ensure you don’t have your unwelcome guests returning – we see this as almost negligent.

Our experience means we can often see where weaknesses are in your home and as some areas are also more prone to particular pests than others, we see it as our job to ensure you are well informed of this.  We don’t do the hard sell so once we’ve provided the information, you are under no obligation to use PestX but it’s our relaxed attitude and confidence in our services that sees so many customers recommending us time and time again.

One of our popular services is Termite Inspections for Real Estate agents.  Knowing that a property may have a significant pest problem before you buy it gives you the option of getting the problem resolved beforehand rather than being left with a hefty problem AND bill afterwards.  If you need your current or potential premises inspecting for suspected infestations, give our friendly team a call and we’ll happily help.

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