Earwig Control

What are Earwigs and Why Do They Infest Homes

Earwigs are also known as pincher bugs because of their characteristic pinchers. They are nocturnal pests that are the cause of a lot of plant damage around the home and garden because their diet is largely vegetation. They are also drawn to dampness which is why they are often found in kitchens or bathrooms, especially during hot weather that prompts them to seek moisture inside.

How Our Service Effectively Exterminates Earwigs

Although Earwig’s pinchers rarely cause harm to humans, they are a very unappealing insect and commonly the reason residents seek pest control service in Bakersfield. Females can lay 20 to 80 eggs a day which results in a rapidly expanding pest problem, if not dealt with promptly. PestX Bakersfield Termite & Pest Control targets the source of the Earwig problem to prevent earwigs from reproducing and the infestation from recurring. Earwig control is included in our regular pest control services which we guarantee with free call-backs if pest problems need to be addressed in between scheduled services.

Do It Yourself Earwig Prevention Tips

  • Trim plants around your home so that no branches or foliage contact your house, giving earwigs an easy pathway into your home.
  • Seal even small cracks in your walls or around your doors, that earwigs can easily crawl through.
  • Fix any leaking faucets, pipes, or other standing water problems that draw earwigs.
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