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Be Flea Free in 2019

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Make PestX part of your team for a flea-free home

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In the Summer months, we all look forward to the gorgeous weather and some sunshine to clear our cobwebs and lift our spirits.  But it isn’t just us humans that love it so much. Our PestX pest control team here in Bakersfield don’t get too much time off in the summer months as we’re kept very busy by super happy fleas.  

They are in their element!  The warm weather has them multiplying faster than gremlins in a shower – helped enormously by the fact that we all have our doors and windows wide open and our pets coming in and out all day unintentionally bringing in stashed stowaways in their furry midst.

The first signs of having these annoying pests is usually their irritating bites, which given their tendency to carry disease and bacteria, they don’t stay un-noticed for long.  The problems fleas bring into the house make them one of the most dreaded home visitors we see here in Bakersfield.

PestX are often called to deal with flea infestations but with fleas it’s rarely a matter of just fumigating the house.  Pets are often one of the main culprits. When you consider that a flea goes from being laid through to adult in less than 50 days, and that a female can lay up to 50 eggs a day – if the first part of that stage has gone under the radar you could have quite a significant pest problem very quickly.

So PestX can definitely help to de-flea your home or premises but we will always advise to deal with all of the factors at the same time.  If you do have pets in your house you will need to bear in mind that they will need treating too as they are very likely to be the source of the problem.  You will need to treat your pet thoroughly as well as all of their bedding and we’d suggest you time this well with the PestX team coming in.

You can use specially formulated shampoos to remove both eggs and live fleas as well as use spot treatments to prevent the fleas returning over the next month or so.  Flea collars are also effective in deterring fleas in the first place. We apologise if all of this seems obvious, but we will always ensure that any PestX pest control treatments tackle not only the current pests but that we minimise the risk of the pests returning.

Our reputation has been built up over years of thorough treatments so with flea control, there’s an element of teamwork here.  You only need a slightly warm temperature and a lovely home for a couple of fleas, besides their delicious hosts to feed on and you’re back to square one again.

So PestX will be mainly treating your premises to fumigate them but your pets and yard definitely need to be factored in too.  Patios, decking, foundations and porches are all havens for fleas to breed in the warmer weather. If you use a home based remedy, all you need is a rainstorm and all of that work has been washed away so bear this in mind too when considering your overall approach.

A well maintained garden is less of a flea risk too as they love dead plants and debris so removing these regularly will reduce the breeding grounds available to them. If you need any advice or need a flea infestation addressing, call our team and we’ll happily get started on keeping your home flea free.


Getting ticked off with Lyme’s Disease – the PestX lowdown..

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One of the regular requests of our Bakersfield Pest Control experts is for the treatment of ticks. Over the years PestX have seen more than their fair share of tick infestations.  These often start from a single tick coming into your premises, usually after a walk in long grass or a day spent in the great outdoors. You would think that you would notice these bugs attached to you as you’d assume that the bites would be more painful, but they do go surprisingly unnoticed.

If you do have an infestation, PestX pest control Bakersfield can come and rid you of these pests using the latest methods and with the minimum of disruption.  One of the main reasons people choose to use PestX time and time again is because they trust us to deal with their pest problem efficiently and promptly.

Let’s be honest – it’s never just the infestation that’s the problem – it’s all of the issues they bring with them.  Ticks carry many diseases but the one they are most known for is Lyme disease.

Lyme disease isn’t carried by all ticks but it is how Lyme disease is primarily spread and here in California ticks are particularly rife in the Summer months.  Up to 20% of Lyme disease cases can result in lasting symptoms such as Arthritis in the joints, Chronic Fatigue and Cognitive difficulties as well as sleep disturbances.  

If the disease or infection is not caught immediately, even several weeks of antibiotics will not clear the infection and the effects of the disease can cause problems for months or even years after the infection occurs so it’s worth being vigilant.  Not many people realise the degree of this problem, so here at PestX we know that a tick problem needs to be kept in check and dealt with very quickly. We would also suggest in certain cases where the tick problem has been particularly bad to go and see your doctor  just to ensure you don’t have any of the symptoms from the disease.

Whilst it definitely isn’t a death sentence, you really can struggle to recover from the symptoms caused by it.  If you have been bitten by a tick you will usually have a circular rash and you may experience flu like symptoms and joint pain that comes and goes periodically.  You will usually notice a rash from 3 to 30 days after an infected tick bite and it tends to look like a bullseye pattern – perfectly circular with a clear section right in the centre of the bite.

We don’t want you to panic though as research suggests that less than 5% of bites result in an infection but as with any pests we find that the information alone is helpful so that you know what to look for – forewarned is forearmed.  

One thing to bear in mind, is that even if a tick is infected, it usually has to be attached to a person’s skin for at least 24 to 48 hours in order to be able to transmit the Lyme disease bacteria.  Most people would have noticed the tick during this period but if you do find one attached to you it’s best to remove it quickly.

There are various ways to remove it but one of the best ways we suggest is by making the tick ‘let go’ of your skin by closing off it’s breathing holes.  You can do this with products such as Vaseline or oil and petroleum jelly based products. In the absence of these, rubbing alcohol or even salad oil or liquor would work too.

Completely cover the head of the tick in enough of any of these products so that it will no longer be able to breathe.  It should let go within 30 minutes so once it has relinquished it’s hold on you, you should be able to pull it from the skin very carefully with tweezers.  If it is still embedded, apply this process again as we would never recommend pulling too hard because the head can embed itself in your skin and cause infection.

If you are in any way concerned that you may have been bitten by an infected tick, you can take the insect to the doctors with you when you have your own check up and the tick can be tested too.

If you need any advice or any Bakersfield pest control assistance, give PestX a call and we’ll happily use our years of experience to provide advice specific to your needs and budget.

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Attention Restaurants, Cockroaches Are Preparing For Their Spring Invasion…

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Here are a few tips on how to minimise the chances of the Cockroaches visiting you in the first place:

Cockroach pest control in Bakersfield, Bakersfield pest control


Cockroaches love moisture so eliminate all sources of this from water to condensation – they love nothing more than a dirty mop left on the floor so don’t invite them in with one.

  1. It goes without saying that any establishment needs to be kept clean but where cockroaches are concerned, you can’t afford to let your hygiene and sanitation slip.   Have a clearly defined cleaning schedule that all team members know of and adhere to it so you know that no corners have been cut.
  2. You will also need to do regular deep cleans.  Drains will need to be thoroughly scrubbed and treated – get a strong brush to areas that liquid cleaners cannot tackle.  Keep a record of your deep clean schedule so that you are always on top of the areas that are out of your sight but definitely not out-of-bounds to a cockroach looking for a lovely dirty new home.
  3. Don’t allow clutter to build up.   Don’t go longer than a month without checking storage areas as things like corrugated cardboard are an open invitation to some types of cockroach.  Just imagine how an infestation can spread if this has been left unattended for a couple of months.
  4. Ensure all of your team know to inspect all deliveries thoroughly.  You only need one or two cockroaches to come in with a delivery to have a problem on your hands quickly if they go unnoticed.
  5. Place pest monitors in areas that would particularly attract cockroaches.  As we said, prevention is better than cure here so be vigilant and look at your premises through cockroaches eyes – seek out the hotspots and put the monitors in place here.
  6. If you do happen to spot a cockroach it isn’t the end of the world.  Simply kill or capture the cockroach you have seen, making a note of the time and place that you found it then give PestX a call.  Make sure you keep the bug for us to inspect as the various species have different habits and it will help us if we know which type we are dealing with. We will discretely and efficiently deal with your pests with the minimum of disruption to business.


PestX have years of experience dealing with Cockroaches.  We can help you deal with current infestations or a cockroach presence but we can also advise on how best to protect yourself against these destructive bugs within your commercial or residential premises.


Save $3000

A PestX Termite Inspection could save you an average of $3000

One of the most destructive infestations our PestX Team see here for Bakersfield pest control cases are termites. They should be called the Silent Destroyers because even a thorough inspection conducted by a novice homeowner could overlook a very well established termite infestation. You need to know exactly what you’re looking for and where they leave their evidence – or in this case their Trail of Destruction

Even in our line of business, we don’t ever want to sound like we’re just doom and gloom but we promise you that termites are not something you want to be sharing your home with. PestX Pest and Termite Control have seen some serious damage over the years and can’t emphasize enough that any termite prevention is a worthwhile exercise, especially if you have had an infestation before.

When you think that a colony can increase from 60,000 termites to around 2 million of them in less than 6 months – and all of this is fairly quietly – you can understand the need for minimising the damage these pests cause as quickly as possible.

If you are ever looking at buying a new home or investing in a property, we highly recommend you commissioning a professional to conduct a thorough inspection before you sign anything. When you think that the average cost of repairing termite damage is $3,000, you can see that paying a small amount to ensure there are no termites in the first place is a valuable investment.

It may be tempting to conduct this yourself but not all of the destruction is obvious, so a professional inspection is by far the most cost effective method of dealing with termites.

PestX will look for evidence of previous infestations and will know whether the damage is current or not, We will be able to gauge whether the infestation is an old one which has already been dealt with or whether it is the start of a new one.

PestX will also be able to establish whether treatments have been used in the past and how effective they were. We will also be able to tell you whether there are currently any protective measures in place. All of these factors could help you save money by not having to splash out on something already in place but equally we can show you where you are vulnerable to infestation.

Besides preventative measures, catching a termite infestation early on is always going to be the best defence in dealing with these pests. Termites may live underground but we promise you this isn’t something that you want to be burying your head in the sand on – once termites are in place they will just keep destroying your premises in the process of building their own colony up. They never just change their mind half-way through so you need to act if you already know you have termites.

If you suspect that you may have termites already or you are looking at investing in a new property or premises, call one of our PestX experts to arrange a professional inspection.

We also offer payment plans which can help you to factor in having regular inspections throughout the year to ensure you are always protected against the common culprits in your area. Speak to one of our team on the best package for your needs – peace of mind doesn’t need to cost the earth with PestX.

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January Pest Control Tips…

It’s the cold season, did you know this is a great time to treat your home with our affordable and quality Bakersfield pest control services, this will prepare you for the summer months went pests are at their worst! Treating your home and business now is like a preemptive strike that will stop pests in their tracks and make it that much easier in the coming summer months to exterminate them quickly. This is also a great time to check your home for termites, don’t leave anything to chance, protect your investment and the health of your family today!

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Holiday Pests

Happy holidays! Are you being invaded by unwanted pests in your home or business? If so contact PestX today for expert Bakersfield pest control services. We offer expert pest control detection and will not only rid your home of unwanted guests but we will make sure they don’t come back, we are the leader in pest control Bakersfield and have a wealth of experience in the pest-control industry. We service residential and commercial properties and have a knack for exterminating pests of all kinds. Call us today for a free quote and see how affordable our Bakersfield pest control services are! We look forward to helping you with your pest-control needs in Bakersfield and Kern County, we are PestX!

Some Pests To Watch Out For

Here’s a few pests to be on the lookout for, they can wreak havoc on your home and cause damage to your property and to the health of your family!

#1 The dreaded bedbug, #2 The pesky ant, #3 The Busy Bee #4 The terrible termite, #5 The Lovely Ladybug, #6 The Spooky Spider, and last but not least the Stinging Scorpion. If you see any of these crafty critters call PESTX immediately for expert and affordable pest control Bakersfield!

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Stinging Scorpion