Mosquito Bites

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Dealing With Mosquito Bites

Today’s topic will be dealing with mosquito bites and how to stop the itching.

Summertime is mosquito season in the 93308, 93312, and 93314 zip codes and you have to be prepared if you want to weather the storm. I don’t know if you’re aware of this but when a mosquito bites you they use protein in your blood to grow more eggs and the reason you get bumps is a direct result of your immune system fighting the bites. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer plans in the 93308, 93312, and 93314 zip codes, be prepared and know how to treat mosquito bites fast and stop the itching before they spread!

First let’s look at a few of the symptoms to determine if you’ve been bitten by a mosquito.  Number 1, look for a red bump that itches, number 2, look for swelling, and number 3, look for redness around the bite.

Very important, if you start feeling aches and pains, nausea, or if you have trouble breathing contact a health professional immediately as you could be having a dangerous allergic reaction.

The first thing you want to focus on after discovering that you’ve been bitten by a mosquito is to clean the wound with soap and water to prevent further infection, you can do this intermediately for best results. Also aloe over the counter ointments are a big help and can stop the spreading of the infection in its tracks,  we also recommend Benadryl as a good remedy to treat mosquito bites. If the infection starts to spread please see a health professional at once because you may need antibiotics.

Now let’s focus on how to prevent mosquito bites. Although they may seem harmless mosquito bites can transfer serious diseases such as the West Nile Virus! So please take heed to our suggestions at once, insect repellent is a huge preventative measure that we recommend, make sure the repellent has at least 20% DEET, also be careful of standing water around your home because this is where mosquitos breed and infestation occurs. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos and is to be avoided at all costs. Also another deterrent is to not wear sweet smelling perfumes or colognes! These have been known to attract mosquitoes as well and if you continue to have problems on your property please contact us immediately and we will treat your property and provide you with a safe and clean environment all summer long.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning mosquitos or any other pests in the Central Valley. PESTX has been helping Kern County residents and business’s with their Bakersfield Pest Control needs for over 30 years!

4 Worst Pest Infestations

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4 Worst Pest Infestations

Some pests are just a nuisance, others can be a threat to your overall health and well-being. We’ve comprised a list of some of the worst infestations so that you know how to best protect yourself and your home. If you have any of these pests, it’s time for you to pick up the phone and call your trusted pest control professionals.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not known to carry disease, however, getting rid of them can be a rather difficult and often traumatizing experience. Bed bugs can be hard to kill, and may even require that furniture be professionally cleaned or even dispersed of. If you have bed bugs, be sure to call your pest control expert as soon as possible.


Cockroaches are pesky and rather unattractive pests that can also pose health risks to you and your family. Known to multiply quickly, infestations are a risk. Cockroach droppings can become airborne allergens that can pose a threat to children or adults with asthma or breathing problems.


Mice may not look harmful, but the effects can be. Often on the lookout for food, mice can easily contaminate your home in search of it. Traces of urine and droppings will be left in their trace that can be indicators of their presence. Mice droppings are smelly and are known to carry any disease the rodents may have.


Rat infestations can be similar to that of mice. They are out in the search of food like mice, however they are larger in size and can be a bit more aggressive than mice. Like mice, their droppings can carry disease. Rats are known to bite. Such rat bites and scratches can cause serious health problems if left untreated.

Protecting your home and family from these pests can be tricky depending on the infestation. Be sure to call your professional pest control service for help. Not only can they better answer your questions and concerns but can help you solve the problem and keep your home infestation free.

Bed Bugs Do Bite

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Have you heard the saying, “Sleep tight & don’t let the bed bugs bite”, well its true they do bite. Most bed bug bites are painless at first but later turn into big itchy welts. Pest X specializes in bed bug pest control Bakersfield and can rid your home of these pesky critters.

Bed Bugs like to travel and hitch rides in suitcases, boxes and moving crates. If you have them and don’t deal with it they will be fruitful and multiply and then you will have a problem. This is why we recommend signing up for our monthly service to keep these critters at bay. Call Pest X Today to get started.


How to Control and Exterminate Bed Bugs in Bakersfield

​Reports of bed bug infestations have recently flooded the media. These blood-sucking insects are a major problem in the U.S. While bed bugs are not strictly nocturnal, they will schedule their activity opposite of your schedule. Therefore, bed bugs may go unnoticed unless obvious symptoms are present. Signs of bed bug infestations include blood spots on bed, bed bug shell casings, and small bites on skin.

Diagnosing for bed bugs is extremely difficult since they hide in the smallest crevices, particularly seams of mattresses hence their name. Since most signs are subtle, a professional bed bug inspection is needed to determine if a bed bug problem exists. We provide several bed bug treatment options that have been proven to be effective.


How to Identify Bed Bugs

Because bed bugs can be so subtly pervasive, chances are if you suspect them, you already have a full-fledged infestation. You may even have bed bugs without realizing it. One of the first signs of bed bugs may be small, itchy bite marks appearing on your body (often in a short row) after you’ve been sleeping on or sitting on or around infested areas.
Signs of bed bugs include:

  • Reddish stains on bed sheets from crushed bed bugs
  • Tiny dark spots (bed bug excrement)
  • Tiny pale or yellow skins shed from bed bugs
  • Live bed bugs

Where to look for signs of bed bugs:

  • Seams of mattresses or upholstered furniture
  • Joints of furniture
  • Where the wall meets the floor and ceiling
  • Cracks or crevices

Do It Yourself Bed Bug Prevention

Always check the beds when you are traveling by lifting up the sheets and looking in and around the seams of the mattress, as well as the joints of the bedframe.

Keep your luggage on a luggage rack, or hard surface. Do not leave your luggage or clothing on the bed, upholstered furniture, or carpet, where bed bugs can easily be hiding and transfer to your belongings.
Check over your luggage when you return home.

Thoroughly check over any furniture or other susceptible objects (luggage, stuffed animals, etc.) you bring into your home for signs of bed bugs, especially second-hand furniture. We are the leading Bakersfield pest control company! Below is some signs to look for if you think you have bed bugs!

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Termite Inspection

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You’ve Got Termites, these are thee 3 most terrifying words no homeowner wants to hear. Did you know Termites cause $5 billion in damage every year in the United States. Fortunately taking the right precautions can reduce your risk of a termite infestation. Pest X is the leading Bakersfield pest control company for Termite inspections. The 1st step to avoiding Termites is getting your home inspected on a regular basis. We recommend having this done on a yearly basis. Termites can strike fast and can do a significant amount of damage in a very short time. We are the leader in Bakersfield Termite Control.
Our full service termite control in Bakersfield provides traditional and alternative treatments for drywood and subterranean termites, as well as construction work needed to repair damage caused by termites, fungus, or any wood destroying pest or organism.
PestX Bakersfield also provides termite fumigation in Bakersfield and surrounding communities.
  • Prompt Service
  • Competetive Rates
  • Localized Treatments
  • Subterranean Termite Treatments
  • Sub-Slab Injection
  • Structural Wood Repair
  • Fumigation
With 25 years of experience, we know termites and make it our business as a locally owned company to protect our community from their damage. Call today to ensure your security.

Bakersfield Pest Control Company

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PestX Bakersfield’s owner and operator Jim Ester has over 25 years of experience in the pest control industry. He is well educated, licensed, and trained in Pest Control services.

​Before starting PestX Jim gained 18 years of experience with a large pest control firm based in Southern California. His experience there, managing a large pest control branch, taught him the importance of paying attention to detail, and the importance of customer satisfaction, we offer expert Bakersfield Pest Control and our Bakersfield Pest Control Company is second to none. PESTX remains our main priority in business today. We are a professional Bakersfield Pest Control Company, the leader in Bakersfield Pest Control Companies.

The mission at PestX is to deliver expert and affordable pest control in Bakersfield and surrounding communities in Kern County. Quality Bakersfield Pest Control Company. For more info > https://pestxbakersfield.com Please call us for expert Pest Control Bakersfield, we are an affordable Bakersfield Pest Control Company, PESTX.